I. program pro‧gram 1 [ˈprəʊgræm ǁ ˈproʊ-] noun [countable]
1. COMPUTING also computer program a set of instructions used to make a computer perform a particular task; = SOFTWARE:

• a maker of database programs

• You can download the program from their website.

appliˈcation ˌprogram COMPUTING
a piece of software for a particular job or use:

• Can your application programs use files created on another type of computer?

2. an important plan that will be continued over a period of time; = programme Bre:

• The commission is in favour of the auto investment programs.

ˈchange ˌprogram HUMAN RESOURCES
a programme to change the way that a company operates and introduce new working methods:

• The people who are directly involved in a change program have to be suitably trained.

emˌployee asˈsistance ˌprogram also emˌployment asˈsistance ˌprogram abbreviation EAP HUMAN RESOURCES
1. a set of organized actions by employers in the US to help employees with personal or family problems:

• More than two thirds of major firms now support employee assistance programs for drug abusers.

2. actions by an employer to help people find new jobs when they are dismissed:

• The company said it would provide employment assistance programs for the 600 workers affected by the closure of its West Coast operation.

emˌployee reˈferral ˌprogram abbreviation ERP
HUMAN RESOURCES when a company operates a system of asking employees to suggest people they know for a particular job
ˈwellness ˌprogram HUMAN RESOURCES
a program for a company's employees, intended to help them learn how to keep healthy and offering them free medical examinations:

• The goals of our wellness program are pretty basic: Stop smoking, eat more fruit, and get some exercise.

  [m0] II. program program 2 verb programmed PTandPPX programming PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. COMPUTING to put a set of instructions into a computer or other machine to make it perform a particular task:
program something to do something

• The computer is programmed to calculate the likely loss of revenue in various imaginary situations.

2. the American spelling of programme

* * *

program UK US /ˈprəʊgræm/ noun [C]
(also computer program) IT a series of instructions put into a computer so that it does particular tasks: load/download a program »

The service will prompt you to download the appropriate program.

install/uninstall a program »

When I try to install a program, I get an error message.

design/develop/write a program »

The company is trying to develop a program that will predict terrorist acts.

run/execute/use a program »

The command allows computer users to run a program with administrator rights.

US (UK programme) GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT an officially organized system of services, activities, or opportunities that help people achieve something: a government/state program »

The governor proposed a state $500 million program to build new schools.

a health insurance/product-development/construction program »

The tax funds health insurance programs for the working poor.


We had to end the bonus program for non-executive staff.

a program to do sth »

A financial advisor analyzes clients' finances and prepares personalized programs to meet objectives.


build/develop/finance a program


launch/initiate a program

Compare SCHEME(Cf. ↑scheme) noun
US (UK programme) a course of study, especially at a college or university: »

20 years ago there were only two women in our program.

Business/Nursing/Management program »

Ms. Boothe will enter the college's Business program next year.

a Master's/graduate program »

The university has 40 different graduate programs.

US (UK programme) a planned series of related events or activities: »

A program of meetings has been planned for October and November.


organize/set up/plan a program

US (UK programme) COMMUNICATIONS a television or radio show: »

On today's program, we'll have an interview with Bill Gates.

Compare PROGRAMME(Cf. ↑programme) noun
program UK US /ˈprəʊgræm/ verb [T] (programs, programming, programmed)
IT to write a series of instructions, using a computer language, to create or run a computer program: program sth to do sth »

They programmed the computer to predict future discoveries.

(UK also programme) IT to use a piece of software to give instructions to a computer or piece of electronic equipment to make it perform one of a range of tasks: program sth to do sth »

You can use a Pocket PC or cell phone to program your DVR, grab MP3s you've already downloaded, and get stock quotes or weather reports.

Compare PROGRAMME(Cf. ↑programme) verb

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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